In the event of a power outage it is reassuring to have a generator that automatically starts and keeps your home powered. 


We can install a system that will run just the most important lights and appliances or one that is capable of running the entire house. These systems are usually natural gas generators that tie directly into your service panel and sense the loss of power from your utility company.  Using natural gas eliminates the need to worry about keeping fuel cans full in your garage or the worry of you going out in a storm to get fuel for your generator.


The generator will start and provide power within a few seconds. At the same time, they disconnect from the utility until the power has been restored for at least 15 minutes.  This way, if the power is flickering, the generator set will not go off and on. Once the utility power has been on for 15 minutes, the generator will run a cool down cycle and go back into standby just waiting for the next time the power goes out.



Generac Generator
Briggs & Stratton Generator and Transfer switch